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>> Edible insects are not only nutritional superfood but can also be transformed into true delicacies. It’s possible even without legs and antennae! The era of entomophagy is approaching, but don’t worry, edible insect recipes can pleasantly surprise us.

Insect Burger Recipe

Insect burger

Insect burger >> There are few foods as unhealthy (and yet so delicious) as a fried hamburger. An insect-based hamburger without meat is an absolute delight for health-conscious fans….

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mushroom fry with mealworms recipe

Mushroom fry

Mushroom fry with mealworms >> Some foods pair better with each other than others. The soft texture of mushrooms and the crispiness of worms go quite well together. Mushroom…

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fried dumpling with pupae

Insect bean soup

Thickened bean soup >> Finely blended mealworms can be added to a variety of dishes thanks to their neutral taste. The nutritional value of such a meal will then…

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Edible insects recipes


Word “entomophagy” means “the consumption of insects as food.” Eggs, larvae, adults, and other developmental stages of insects have been used as food by humans since prehistoric times, and this dietary habit continues in modern times.

There are approximately 1,500 species of edible insects around the world. They are commonly consumed in all inhabited continents except Europe and North America, where there are reservations or taboos regarding this food source, while in impoverished regions, it represents a welcome and easily accessible source of protein instead of otherwise unavailable meat.

Wikipedia: Entomophagy

According to several studies, for the sake of food production sustainability in the future, it will be necessary to incorporate insects into the regular diet of the majority of the population worldwide…

Edible insects asia

Beetle on the plate

What does it look like and how does it taste when meals made from insects are prepared by real professionals? Gastronomic passion has brought together a top chef, a nutrition specialist, and a stylist for the “Beetle on the Plate” project – hosting gastronomic events, sharing recipes for insect delicacies, and offering cooking classes.

Edible insects recipes
Beetle on the plate

“Delicacies full of surprise and emotions. Treats that hold your gaze for a long time. A delicacy that awakens all your curiosity, rewarding you with enjoyment. Get to know the food that disappeared from European menus less than a hundred years ago and is now awaiting its renaissance.”


Insect on the plate

Thanks to the positive ecological and health aspects of entomophagy, edible insects are making their way back onto the plates of even more developed countries’ residents. The European Union recently approved several insect species as a new food source for human consumption. Insect-based foods are becoming increasingly common not only in online stores but also on store shelves and even in vending machines. One of the first experts on entomophagy in our country is Professor Marie Borkovcová.

“The Insect Cookbook”

Just a few years ago, hardly anyone knew what the term entomophagy meant. Times are changing, and now we have the first real cookbook with recipes for edible insect dishes.

Edible insects recipe book

Edible insects recipes

 Entomophagy entertainment

Mrs. Borkovcová is not only an expert in entomophagy but also a great promoter of it.

Edible insects show
TV show on Insect Consumption

Fans of Karel Šíp can watch insect consumption presented in a very entertaining way – what else would you expect? It features Mrs. Docent Marie Borkovcová

Do you have experience with edible insects and would you like to share your favorite delicacy recipes? Contact us, we would be happy to publish your recipes.

Insect burger >>

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