Grow your own mealworm!

>> Do something for your health and family budget! Mealworm larvae can be easily grown even in a city apartment. Here, in a few lessons, you will learn how to breed and rear mealworms. Mealworm breeding lessons – a guide on how to do it.

Mealworm breeding lessons

Breeding and rearing mealworms is very simple, inexpensive and time-saving, odorless and noiseless. You can also entertain your children very well with it.

mealworm breeding lessons

Establishing of breeding

Lesson #1: Breeding basics >> Here, you can learn about establishing an insect farm – including the choice of containers for mealworms and the composition of the breeding substrate….

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mealworms feeding

Larvae fattening

Lesson #2: Feeding and hydration >> Feeding mealworms keeps our workload to a minimum. The exception is regular hydration of the larvae. The larval food is based on the…

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rearing mealworms harvest


Lesson #3: Harvest season >> Just like with any other livestock, raising the larvae ends with their harvesting and euthanizing. Rearing mealworms – harvest. This chapter does not concern…

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mealworm pupae


Lesson #4: Pupation >> Pupae are the third and penultimate developmental stage of mealworm. Once the larvae pupate, the beetles hatch after about 10 days. If the first mealworms…

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Mealworm egg laying box

Egg clutch

Lesson #5: Parent breeding box >> Egg laying is ensured by the parent breeding box specially designed for the efficient separation of mealworm beetles from the laid clutch and…

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mealworm sorting of pupae and larvae


Lesson #6: Sifting trays >> Sorting of pupae and larvae and sieving of frass are essential parts of the mealworm rearing process. After some time, we will realize that…

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mealworms in the kitchen

In the kitchen

Lesson #7: Cooking insects >> Where to buy mealworms, how to store, cleanse and euthanise them and the most important – how to use them in the kitchen. Many…

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The mealwormfarm specializes in optimizing the process of breeding and rearing mealworm larvae. If you are interested in collaborating in this field, please feel free to contact us!

Breeding basics >>

mealworm breeding lessons
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