Mealworm sifting trays

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When breeding mealworms, we will find that providing its life’s needs is not so time-consuming. On the other hand, 3 sorting tasks that we encounter take us much longer. This sorting set can help us with them:

  1. Separation of pupae
  2. Classification of worms according to size
  3. Frass screening



Sifting trays Insecto – easy sorting of reared insects into pupae, harvest-sized larvae, small larvae and frass

Contains 3 sieves (3.5 mm material plastic, 2.5 mm – technical stainless steel fabric, 0.5 mm – technical galvanized fabric) and a low frass tray.



We stack the sieves on top of each other according to size (from top to bottom – 3.5 mm, 2.5 mm, 0.5 mm), we insert a low frass box under the sieves. Pour the contents of the breeding box onto the top sieve and wait 1 hour for self-sorting or sort by hand using circular movements. The captured pupae remain in the upper sieve, slaughter-sized worms in the middle sieve, smaller worms for further fattening in the lower sieve, and fine grains of frass (diameter 0.3 mm) fall into the lower box. Sieves can be used for individual sorting tasks as well as separately.

How to use Insecto sifting trays – instruction video:

Mealworm sifting trays


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Weight4,9 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 50 cm
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