Insect Water Crystals

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From a perspective of time and space saving, water crystals are the most efficient way to hydrate insects. While we have to transport, sort, store, wash, and chop vegetables, all of this is eliminated with water gel. A kilogram bag of crystals can replace dozens of kilograms of vegetables.

Easy preparation – simply pour the crystals into water, and within a few minutes, you can use them to feed.

Use 10g of crystals per 1 liter of water – “wet” gel – the most economical hydration.

Use 30g of crystals per 1 liter of water – “dry” gel – without water droplets that would seep into the substrate

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Water crystals – Dry mixture of copolymer crystals for preparing water gel. Used as a potential alternative water source for insects not intended for human consumption

Instructions:  To prepare one liter of water gel, use 10-30 grams of crystals. After adding, the crystals can swell up to 100 times their original weight within a few minutes. Then, evenly distribute the crystals across the entire breeding box. Only use an amount of gel that the insects can consume within 24 hours

Insect water crystals – instruction video:

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